Canada Goose (Flying) Silver & Enamel Post Earrings
Canada Goose (Flying) Silver & Enamel Post Earrings
The Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) is famous for its honking, V-shaped formations which are a common sight in the skies over much of North America in spring and autumn. The Canada Goose is readily recognized by its characteristic black head and crown, long black neck, and whitish cheek patches.

While all too many species of wildlife are severely threatened by human activities, the Canada Goose is an encouraging exception. In 1950, there were around one million Canada Geese, but with effective management the species has flourished in the last 30 years and now numbers around five million.

This is a pair of silver and enamel post earrings. Master artisans paint each article by hand using solutions containing colored granules of glass. Next, they fire the pieces in a kiln to produce an alluring richness of color. They measure approximately 1.6cm by 1.3cm.

Canada Goose (Flying) Bird Silver & Enamel Post Earrings