Chammyz Spa Pet Towel, Large Red
Chammyz Spa Pet Towel, Large Red
  • Bone Shaped, Two Hand Pockets
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Both UVA UVB Protective
  • Moisture Wicking - Absorbs and Dries Faster
  • Machine Wash - Gets Softer With Each Wash - DO NOT BLEACH
  • Large size, 26 x 17.5
  • Buy it, use it, and you will never want to dry with anything else!

This is simply the best towel on the market to dry your dog. It is all natural, all green, made from wood, a renewable raw material. Chammyz will absorb more than 7 times the water of cotton, absorb more than 10 times it weight versus 3 times for micro fiber. It is a natural product, not a synthetic like micro fiber or animal product like true chamois. As it absorbs water, it is easy to ring out the water and have it ready to use again, unlike towels that will stay wet.

It is made from cellulose fiber, tree waster, from forests that are under sustainable management; the forests have PEFC (Pan-European Forest Certificates), which ensures verification management of certified wood, from forest to project. This ensures that only products manufactured from wood obtained from a sustainable utilization receive the PEFC label. The fiber also carries the European and Canadian ECO LABEL; this is awarded by their countries respective commissions in recognition of environmentally friendly products. In addition to all this, the fiber plant holds the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications for quality management and environmental management systems. This towel is not only great for you and your dog, but also great for the environment, a twofer!

In addition to all this, Chammyz Spaw Towel provides UVA/UVB protection and is hypoallergenic. This will protect both you and your dog. With its design, your hands can stay dry as you dry your dog. It comes in various colors. Chammyz Spaw Towel can also be used as a towel, seat cover, mat or any use that requires the removal of water. It is also great to wipe down a shower.

Chammyz Spa Pet Towel, Large Red