Letter B Heart Locket Charm
Letter B Heart Locket Charm
Letter B Heart Locket Charm. This is a new concept in charm jewelry. The beautiful heart locket has a glass center and opens up to allow charms to be put into them. Simply choose the charms that are a few of your favorite things and insert them into your heart. From good luck charms, initials, birthstones to religious symbols, they will represent what is important to you. The locket is easy to open and close and stays securely closed with internal clips and magnets. You will be able to change charms as easily as changing your bracelet.

To make a complete Heart Locket, choose your base (bracelet, necklace, key chain or key clip), and then choose the charms that you want. Open your heart and add the charms to the locket. You are done and ready to wear you new heart locket jewelry bracelet!

Letter B Heart Locket Charm
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